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Animal Sheltering magazine

A magazine for anyone who cares about the health and happiness of animals and people in their community, Animal Sheltering goes beyond the four walls of shelters and rescues to look at the broader picture of the state of pets in the U.S. We cover stories that inform and entertain, empowering and inspiring you in your daily work. From those working to save more animals’ lives at the shelter to those helping prevent pets from being there in the first place, we’re covering the people and organizations that are making a difference. Read us, share with us, talk to us. Together, we’re changing the story.

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  • President's Note

    Moving Animals—in the Right Direction

    The long-distance transport of rescued animals—from state to state and even from far-away countries—has long given animals in trouble a second chance. The gale-force winds of Hurricane Katrina and the massive rescue work it inspired produced a nationwide diaspora of Gulf Coast animals. The shelters in Louisiana and Mississippi were either submerged or full, and long-distance transport was the only way to save lives.

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  • 101 Department

    Forget the Fairy Tale

    Lowering your drawbridge will help more adopters and animals live happily ever after

    Almost two years ago, I set out to adopt a Chihuahua from a rescue group that prides itself on finding “carefully screened forever homes.”

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  • Rescue Central

    Rethinking Returns

    Repurposing a shelter management tool to control the flow of animals who come back

    It’s a scenario longtime rescuers have nightmares about, and yet we rarely see it coming: One day, seemingly out of the blue, you get the email message: “URGENT! I need to return Fido to you this weekend!”

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  • Shelter Medicine

    Making the Shelter a Happier Place for Animals

    Practical tips on how to help the animals in your care feel good

    Read the first of Dr. Griffin’s columns on emotional wellness in the Sep-Oct 2015 issue of Animal Sheltering.

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  • Unforgettable

    Marvelous Mervin

    Toothless Mervin gets thousands of "likes" on Instagram and even more love from his family.

    The first time I saw Mervin, he was burrowed under a blanket with just his little head sticking out, barking (or yelling, as I like to call it), at nothing in particular. He clearly had a lot to say. I could feel that there was something special about this little guy.

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  • Magazine Article

    A Long Time Coming

    LIFE MAGAZINE, FEB.4, 1966

    NIH move is momentous in campaign against Class B dealers

    March/April 2015

    In February 1966, in the weeks after Batman made its television debut and Beatles guitarist George Harrison broke hearts by getting married, millions of Americans met Lucky.

    Life magazine ran a two-page photo of the emaciated English pointer, kicking off a powerful photo essay that introduced the country to the issue of dealers selling dogs—including lost or stolen pets—to laboratories. “YOUR DOG IS IN CRUEL DANGER” warned a headline on the cover.

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  • Magazine Article

    A New Twist on an Old Challenge

    An online map tracks the organizations joining the Million Cat Challenge, and veterinarian Kate Hurley says checking the pins that have been added can be addictive.

    Project aims to save a million feline lives

    March/April 2015

    Veterinarian Kate Hurley had a story rattling around in her brain: She had read about a campaign to reduce mistakes resulting in death and harm, not in veterinary hospitals, but in human hospitals. At an industry conference, the CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement had challenged a roomful of hospital administrators to reach a specific goal—100,000 lives saved over 18 months.

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  • Magazine Article

    The Road to Regional Animal Protection Services

    The move to a regional program enabled Spokane County to create a facility that serves not only as a shelter, but as a community hub offering resources and information for pet owners.

    How one agency shifted to an animal control model that works better for its community

    March/April 2015

    Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS), an open-admission animal control agency in Washington state, has been around since 1922, when dog licenses were $1 and—according to old record books—the most common breed of dog was a “cur.” In those days, everyone knew the animal shelter as a “dog pound,” and “dogcatchers” patrolled the streets.

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  • Magazine Article

    Windy City Whirlwind

    In the Chicago community of North Lawndale, Arthur Burrell worked hard to ensure that none of the neighborhood cats went hungry. “Even when his health wasn’t good, he would still push himself to make sure they had what they needed,” says his wife, Yolanda Bell.

    A tribute to the “cat man” of Chicago’s West Side

    March/April 2015

    A few years back, while knocking on doors in North Lawndale—a neighborhood that struggles with poverty, foreclosures and drug-related crime—Annette Bellezzo and Kris Badillo met Arthur Burrell.

    An Army veteran and lifelong animal lover, Burrell got started in feline rescue when he took in two tiny kittens he’d found on the street.

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  • Magazine Article

    Thinking Outside the Box

    Holly Thoms (shown here with her rescued dog Kayla) is the founder of Voiceless-MI, which funds low-cost spay/neuter and promotes animal-friendly legislation in Michigan.

    Michigan advocate leads the fight to ban gas chambers

    March/April 2015

    When Holly Thoms saw that her local animal shelter was going to start euthanizing dogs because it didn’t have the staffing to care for them, she leaped into action. “I grabbed one of my friends and went down there and said, ‘We’re gonna clean up poop, you know—try and help out.’”

    That was more than 15 years ago, but Thoms’ passion for helping animals hasn’t flagged.

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  • Magazine Article


    Bed: aisle A1. Dog: out front. IKEA’s Tempe store is partnering with the Arizona Humane Society to encourage customers to take home a four-legged friend along with their furniture.

    A round-up of fun, inspiring news tidbits from the animal welfare world.

    January/February 2015

    No Assembly Required: Now you can truly find everything for your home—including a furry friend to share your space—at the IKEA in Tempe, Ariz.

    That Doggie in the Window: For years, Ray Arabia dreamed of converting the pet stores he co-owns from selling commercially bred puppies to offering rescue pets for adoption.

    Young Pet-caso Paints for a Cause: One animal can change the course of your life. For young Annie Blumenfeld, that animal is Teddy.

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