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Eliminating Gas Chambers

Gas chambers do not belong in our nation’s public or private shelters. Simply stated, it’s impossible for this kind of euthanasia to be conducted humanely -- or with dignity – in a shelter setting. Plus, euthanasia by injection is more humane, cheaper, and safer for staff than gas chambers. See what The HSUS is doing to eliminate gas chambers from our nation’s shelters.

  • HSUS Statement on Carbon Monoxide

    When shelters find themselves in the position of having to euthanize an animal, it is incumbent upon them to ensure that the death is as humane as possible. Lesser alternatives like carbon monoxide gas chambers (CO chambers), which can virtually never provide a stress and pain free death, must therefore never be used in shelter settings.

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  • Fact Sheet on Carbon Monoxide

    Find out why organizations like HSUS, ASPCA, NACA, American Humane, the Association of Shelter Veterinarians, and other national animal welfare organizations condemn the use of carbon monoxide gas chambers.

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  • Map of Carbon Monoxide Laws

    View state gas chamber laws here.

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  • Euthanasia Featured News

    Find all the news on HSUS’ campaign to end the use of gas chambers in shelters throughout the United States featured here.

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