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This Community Outreach Toolkit is an interactive manual created by The HSUS’s Pets for Life program and funded by PetSmart Charities. The first of its kind, we’ve designed it to guide organizations through the process of developing and implementing a community outreach program tailored to connect under-served communities with the animal welfare resources, services, and information they need.

The information in this toolkit has the potential to transform communities. We are proud to share it with you and thrilled to be in the company of your organization as we work together to help pets by helping people.

How to use the toolkit

This resource is intended to be used in its entirety as a comprehensive tool, and you can download the complete toolkit in PDF format (84.7 MB). For your convenience, when you need to focus on a specific section, you can download individual chapters listed below.

Toolkit chapters

Cover and Table of Contents  Download the PDF (3.27 MB)

1. Introduction  Download the PDF (4.73 MB)

2. About Pets for Life  Download the PDF (2.10 MB)

3. Testimonials  Download the PDF (3.54 MB)

4. Community AssessmenDownload the PDF (15.31 MB)

5. Program Goals  Download the PDF (2.76 MB)

6. Coalition Building  Download the PDF (7.20 MB)

7. How to Approach and Talk to People  Download the PDF (7.52 MB)

8. Effective Spay/Neuter Outreach  Download the PDF (18.74 MB)

9. Outreach Events  Download the PDF (8.92 MB)

10. Engaging Faith-Based Groups  Download the PDF (3.88 MB)

11. Community Cats  Download the PDF (3.88 MB)

12. Dog Training  Download the PDF (4.41 MB)

13. How to Build a Sustainable Program  Download the PDF (8.96 MB)

14. In Closing  Download the PDF (2.17 MB)


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The Pets for Life Community Outreach Toolkit has been made possible by the generosity of PetSmart Charities.

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