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Tour of duty

Service members are a force for good at Virginia shelter

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    Off the market

    Changing the future for dogs in South Korea

    Despite shifting attitudes, dog farms - where dogs are slaughtered and sold for meat - remain in South Korea.

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    When animal rescue isn't

    Some groups that claim to be helping animals are actually hurting them

    "Rescue hoarders" are often unable to recognize their limitations and unable to let go of the animals in their care.

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Animal Sheltering

Magazine - Summer 2018

From Animal Sheltering magazine Summer 2018

There’s a long flight ahead for these dogs leaving Seoul, but they’ll find kindness—and new homes—at the end of it.
HSI’s Adam Parascandola carries a dog out of the bitter cold.
Athena left the dog farm in South Korea and flew to the States, landing in the care of the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County just in time to give birth.

It’s still dark, the coming dawn a wash of paler blue in the inky sky over Namyangju, a small city outside of Seoul, when the line of vans turns off the main highway onto a gravel side road. The vans ascend the narrow drive up a brushy, frozen hillside, assembling above a cluster of ramshackle metal and tarp hangars.

About the Author

M. Carrie Allan is the senior editorial director at The Humane Society of the United States, served as editor of Animal Sheltering magazine for nearly a decade, and has focused on telling the stories of the animal protection movement for even longer. She holds a master’s degree in English and writing and has won awards for her journalism, fiction and poetry, including recognition from the Dog Writer’s Association of American, the Cat Writer’s Association, the Association of Food Journalists, and the James Beard Foundation (where she was a finalist for the work she does in her side-gig, writing about booze and cocktails for the Washington Post). If you think there’s a connection between her longtime commitment to animal welfare work and her interest in a good drink . . . well, aren’t you the smart one?


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    Rethinking their final days

    What we do for our aging family members

    There’s not much that enrages animal lovers more than someone surrendering an elderly pet to a shelter. The stories, shared from one rescuer to another, are prime fodder for Facebook condemnation—that 9-year-old German shepherd purchased as a puppy; the 12-year-old cat who wandered onto the porch as a kitten; or perhaps the 3-year-old hamster the kids clamored for at the pet store. That pet no doubt gave her family the best years of her life, and this is how that devotion is repaid? Dumped at a shelter, scared and alone, left in the hands of strangers? What could be more cruel?

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    High-tech pets

    Startups could make for happier pets and pet owners

    When I see dogs outside pharmacies or grocery stores, tied to lampposts or sitting in cars with windows cracked, I feel conflicted. Dogs want to be with their pack at all times, and I love that after a long day at work, people want to bring them along on car trips and errands. People talk about mommy guilt, but dog mommy guilt is oh-so-real, and I get that.

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    The right response to wildlife calls

    This is the second in a series of three blogs showcasing how our Wild Neighbors partners have implemented one of the criteria of our Wild Neighbors pledge.

    “I need a trap for this raccoon so he’ll stay out of my trash cans!”

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