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Animal Sheltering's Shelter and Rescue Essentials has the latest articles from Animal Sheltering magazine, publications, policies, assessment tools, guidelines, connections and other resources to support the lifesaving work of shelter and rescue professionals.

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Help your rescue group make the greatest impact for pets and people. Discover advice and guidance on every aspect of rescue work, from incorporating your organization to setting the highest standards of care for every animal you help.

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  • Magazine Article

    So you want to work in animal welfare

    How to prepare for the career you never knew existed

    What did you want to be when you grew up? A teacher, doctor, veterinarian or firefighter? Or maybe an actor, writer, athlete, hair stylist or wedding planner?

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  • Blog Post

    Animal-friendly menu policies: It’s a thing!

    Making your events more inclusive for all animals

    How many of us have stopped traffic to help a turtle safely cross the road, or spent hours tracking a stray cat or dog to make sure they were brought to a safe place? If you’ve ever carried an abandoned duckling to the nearest pond in the hopes of reuniting them with their mom, or made a quick U-turn after spotting a young rooster wandering the shoulder of the highway, you just might be an animal advocate.

    If you’re here, you probably knew that already!

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  • Magazine Article

    Mother knows best

    Shelters spread a lifesaving message about underage kittens

    Susan Spaulding was living in Texas and volunteering at the Hill Country Animal League’s thrift store when someone brought in a box of 13 unweaned kittens. After learning that the kittens would be immediately euthanized at the shelter, Spaulding made a life changing decision: She took the kittens home and taught herself how to care for “bottle-babies.”

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