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Animal Sheltering's Shelter and Rescue Essentials has the latest articles from Animal Sheltering magazine, publications, policies, assessment tools, guidelines, connections and other resources to support the lifesaving work of shelter and rescue professionals.

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Rescue group policies and practices

Help your rescue group make the greatest impact for pets and people. Discover advice and guidance on every aspect of rescue work, from incorporating your organization to setting the highest standards of care for every animal you help.

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  • Assessment

    Animal Care Expo App

    We've built a mobile app for Animal Care Expo 2018! It has all of the important information you'll need for the event, with features to enhance your experience throughout your time at Animal Care Expo. Attendees will use the app to fill out workshop evaluations, share social media posts, network, find exhibit booths and more! It also includes a full schedule with room assignments and maps.

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  • Magazine Article

    A pretty penny for your best thoughts

    Petco Foundation Innovation Showdown goes live in its second year

    A cloud-based marketing resource for shelters and rescues, technological solutions to help reunite lost pets and owners, and an animal transport program that addresses the root causes of animal overpopulation—all three ideas have a shot at investment, thanks to the Petco Foundation Innovation Showdown during this year’s Animal Care Expo.

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  • Blog Post

    Food for thought

    It's not all bean burgers! The Humane Society of the United States shares Meatless Monday recipes online and in its magazine, including avocado tostadas ...

    How sheltering professionals can help foster a humane society for all animals

    It’s hard to overstate the importance of food. It keeps us alive, obviously, but it’s also at the center of so many of our favorite traditions, from Sunday brunch, to the heaving Thanksgiving table, to Taco Tuesday. So it’s no surprise that people bristle when others suggest eating less or none of their favorite familiar foods. No one likes change, especially when it’s a change from how we've been eating our whole lives!

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  • Magazine Article

    Don’t buy into that doggie in the window

    Author Rory Kress and her dog, Izzie.

    In new book, journalist investigates the cruel, complicated puppy mill industry

    Journalist, Emmy-winning television producer and author Rory Kress loves her Wheaton terrier, Izzie, and originally thought nothing of purchasing the USDA-licensed pup at a pet store. But a few years later and a few years wiser, Kress embarked on a yearlong, nationwide investigation into the origins of pet store dogs like her own.

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  • Magazine Article

    Room to breathe

    British veterinarians launch national campaign to reduce demand for—and improve the health of—‘smushed-face’ breeds

    When people ask what life is like for a dog with brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS), veterinarian Sean Wensley will sometimes hand them a plastic straw. “If you have to spend a few minutes breathing in and out through a narrow drinking straw, you quickly realize how difficult it is,” he says. “It’s quite unpleasant. Being in a constant state of oxygen deprivation is distressing.”

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  • Magazine Article

    Learning to be a pilot light

    The people who attend Animal Care Expo are what makes it great

    A ripple of embarrassment washes over me when I realize I’ve been squirming in my chair. I strain to focus through familiar content just to glean a couple new nuggets of wisdom. Then, directly after lunch, I fight off sleepy daydreams about what’ll be served for dinner, during which time I can use my coveted drink ticket.

    I confess, this is a brief glimpse into what my mind usually does at professional conferences— that is, until I started attending Animal Care Expo.

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