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We couldn't ask for more than the unconditional love and loyalty we get from dogs. Use our resources to help you do your very best for man's best friend while they are in your care.

Photo by Kathi Milani/The HSUS

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  • Blog Post

    Rescuers to the rescue

    Rescue and shelter partnerships growing beyond adoption

    The animal sheltering field has changed. We can see it in the decline in the euthanasia rate for companion animals nationwide, the increase in adoption rates in animal shelters and the “community animal welfare center” role that many animal shelters are shifting to. Working to keep pets in homes through behavior assistance, affordable and accessible medical care and food pantries are all common in the portfolio of services offered by a large number of animal shelters in 2018.

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  • Magazine Article

    No place like home

    Sundae (getting a hug here from Tatiana Garzon as Annie) didn’t take to playing Sandy on stage, but she took on the new role of family pet through Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary.

    In New Mexico, theater productions promote adoptable canines

    One of the best reasons to see a live performance of The Wizard of Oz or Annie is to experience the moment when a real dog trots on stage and leaps into the arms of Dorothy or Annie.

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  • Magazine Article

    Soup for skittish souls

    Coconut (left) was initially the most emotionally damaged dog from this Michigan puppy mill rescue, says the ASPCA’s Kristen Collins, but in 2013, she graduated from the nonprofit’s behavioral rehabilitation program with flying colors.

    Canine rehab research results in permanent facility and mentorship program

    In June 2010, the ASPCA assisted local authorities in Tennessee with a hoarding case, racing in the blistering heat to catch, assess and transport 100 dogs to partner shelters.

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  • Magazine Article

    When animal rescue isn't

    In 2011, 150 dogs and 50 cats were seized from nonprofit Dirty Sally’s Pet Pals.

    Some groups that claim to be helping animals are actually hurting them

    At Montgomery County Animal Services in Maryland, cruelty investigator Jack Breckenridge thumps a single arrest warrant onto his desk. The stack of paper is an inch thick.

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  • Magazine Article

    Off the market

    Changing the future for dogs in South Korea

    It’s still dark, the coming dawn a wash of paler blue in the inky sky over Namyangju, a small city outside of Seoul, when the line of vans turns off the main highway onto a gravel side road. The vans ascend the narrow drive up a brushy, frozen hillside, assembling above a cluster of ramshackle metal and tarp hangars.

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  • Magazine Article

    Bringing in the troops

    At the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley in Knoxville, trainer Michelle White demonstrates canine training techniques to Air Force veteran Doug Witmer, a volunteer with the Heroes & Hounds program.

    Outreach to veterans and active-duty ser vice members can tap a battalion of support

    After seven years of service and several overseas deployments, Ashley Morris was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and left the Air Force in 2013. She returned to her hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee, hoping to recover her mental balance. But a year and a half later, she was still sleeping on her mother’s couch, consumed by feelings of despair and isolation.

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