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We couldn't ask for more than the unconditional love and loyalty we get from dogs. Use our resources to help you do your very best for man's best friend while they are in your care.

Photo by Kathi Milani/The HSUS

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  • Magazine Article

    Don’t buy into that doggie in the window

    Author Rory Kress and her dog, Izzie.

    In new book, journalist investigates the cruel, complicated puppy mill industry

    Journalist, Emmy-winning television producer and author Rory Kress loves her Wheaton terrier, Izzie, and originally thought nothing of purchasing the USDA-licensed pup at a pet store. But a few years later and a few years wiser, Kress embarked on a yearlong, nationwide investigation into the origins of pet store dogs like her own.

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  • Blog Post

    Sgt. Stubby’s legacy

    Sergeant Stubby

    Stray dog turned WWI mascot, subject of new animated film, echoes soldiers’ bonds with dogs around the world

    Any work that brings a piece of animal protection lore to a modern audience never fails to please me as a scholar of both the human-animal bond and the humane movement’s history. Given my affection for mascot narratives, I was excited to learn that the story of Stubby, arguably World War I’s best known mascot, had made it to the big screen.

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  • Magazine Article

    Who wants to adopt a ‘Game of Thrones’ fan?

    Offbeat animal biographies humanize shelter pets

    According to the Facebook page of Young-Williams Animal Center in Knoxville, Tennessee, Bootsy is a popular middle school cheerleader who loves Taylor Swift and hates rap. She’s also a black-and-white cat. “This cat and I are the same person,” deadpans a commenter, tagging a friend.

    That’s the point, says marketing manager Courtney Kliman: The creative Facebook and Instagram posts are designed not only to grab people’s attention, but also to make people see themselves in the adoptable animals.

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  • Magazine Article

    Shining a light on puppy mills

    Wayne Pacelle and his adopted dog, Lily.

    The HSUS’s annual Horrible Hundred reports, based on federal and state inspections of commercial animal breeders, provide a window into some of the nation’s most retrograde puppy mills. 

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  • Magazine Article

    Super trooper

    Colorado Mounted Rangers volunteer Dawn Havens didn't hesitate to choose Kara as her canine partner.

    Colorado K9 officer is busy busting stereotypes

    A shorthaired, medium-sized pit bull-mix, Kara looked like a lot of the other dogs at the Canyon Lake Animal Shelter Society in Texas. Her history wasn’t unusual either: She was surrendered with her eight puppies by an owner who couldn’t care for them. But inside this average-looking dog with a sad but run-of-the-mill backstory was a natural high achiever—someone with the smarts, drive and focus to get a job done.

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  • Data/Research

    Greyhound racing is a bad bet

    Dog racing is cruel and exploitive. Learn the stats and see what you can do to end dog racing in your community.

    The truth is that dog racing is a dying industry—since 2001, more than two dozen dog tracks have closed all across the country and dog racing now represents less than one percent of all wagers placed each year in the United States. Currently, the practice is illegal in forty states. Shelters and rescues are negatively impacted by this industry, and we as animal welfare professionals need to take a stand against it. Learn the facts about greyhound racing and how to protect greyhounds in your state. 

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