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Animal Care Expo 2019

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Colin E. Braley

  • Feature Article

    Hope in the heartland

    Ohio law could trigger more reforms in the puppy mill industry

    The puppy mill industry makes millions while forcing dogs to live in deplorable conditions, but a new law in Ohio could lead to additional reforms.

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  • Feature Article

    Game changers

    Tips for moving past stalemate in your cat-trapping efforts

    We’ve gathered trapping tips from experts around the country that will help you with everything from setting the bait to sealing the deal.

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Animal Sheltering

Magazine - Fall 2018

In this issue: Getting to know your community means getting outside your own four walls; a major push to help animals in Puerto Rico; taking effective evidentiary photos in cruelty cases; a rescuer argues for setting aside labels to make more of an impact for animals; why maintaining shelter animals’ emotional health is so important; and more.


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  • Blog Post

    Welcome to the new Animal Sheltering online!

    We have the power to change our communities

    For decades, The HSUS and Animal Sheltering have worked hard to bring you the latest information, newest approaches, best practices and more from our field. With the launch of our newly improved site,, we’re thrilled to share a number of new features to help you in your quest to save lives and keep pets with their families. 

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  • Magazine Article


    Pictured with Ruby (left) and Alexis, stray cat Max was taken in by Ruby’s mother after being hit by a car. Pets for Life covered the cost of amputating his shattered leg, as well as basic veterinary care.

    A round-up of fun, inspiring news tidbits from the animal welfare world.

    Pets for Life Reaches a Milestone

    Usher and Barbara Stovall first encountered Pets for Life (PFL) a few years ago, when outreach teams began knocking on doors in their Atlanta neighborhood. The couple had adopted a puppy whose previous owner couldn’t keep her, and after chatting with staff from PFL, the Stovalls signed Peggy up for a spay surgery, vaccinations and weekly PFL training classes. Over the years, outreach team members checked in, watching “little” Peggy grow into a big girl.

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  • Magazine Article

    Good colonies make good neighbors

    Trap-neuter-return, smart caretaking practices and proactive neighborhood diplomacy are key to helping community cats coexist peacefully with the people around them.

    With diplomacy and problem-solving skills, advocates can create a harmonious relationship between community cats and the people around them

    When she got the complaint that stray cats were “using the restroom” on the sidewalk in front of a church, Renee Clark was skeptical, but she drove over to study the droppings in question. “It was pretty obvious that the poop there wasn’t cat waste; it was probably raccoon,” says Clark, an environmental biologist and feline advocate in Staunton, Va.

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