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Tour of duty

Service members are a force for good at Virginia shelter

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    Hope in the heartland

    Ohio law could trigger more reforms in the puppy mill industry

    The puppy mill industry makes millions while forcing dogs to live in deplorable conditions, but a new law in Ohio could lead to additional reforms.

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    Game changers

    Tips for moving past stalemate in your cat-trapping efforts

    We’ve gathered trapping tips from experts around the country that will help you with everything from setting the bait to sealing the deal.

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Animal Sheltering

Magazine - Fall 2018

Advising pet owners on cat behavior issues can mean the difference between a cat keeping or losing his home. The Guide to Cat Behavior Counseling was developed to help address pet homelessness at its roots — to keep more cats in their homes. This guide provides comprehensive information, giving you the confidence to advise cat owners when they call prepared to give up their pet for a behavior issue. This complete manual is also available for free download.


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    Million-dollar question

    Ohio Alleycat Resource's Neuterville Express transports cats from greater Cincinnati's outermost communities to the clinic and back again. Including those from the NKADD initiative, the organization spayed 11,543 cats in 2017.

    Broad collaboration makes powerful use of bequest dollars

    Here’s how an unprecedented public-private partnership enabled a Northern Kentucky district to make the best use of bequest dollars— while setting a lifesaving example for communities across the country.

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    With all due respect

    Lucy returns from her spay appointment, which Charm City Companions facilitated.

    Community outreach programs advise less judging, more listening

    Pet owners in underserved communities have been let down before and are understandably suspicious of organizations offering help. To earn their trust when you do community outreach, you’ll need to listen respectfully, avoid snap judgments and follow through on your (realistic) promises.

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    Charlie’s surprise

    Charlie is a rare, male tortoiseshell cat.

    Tortoiseshell cat defies shelter staffers' expectations

    Charlie, a rare male tortoiseshell, surprises and delights a Tennessee shelter.

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