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Debbie Swanson

Boston-area freelancer Debbie Swanson is a frequent contributor to animal publications.

Content by Debbie Swanson

  • Magazine Article

    Shine a light

    Shelters and rescues are finding ways to promote the animals who, for one reason or another, don’t find homes as easily. Social media can provide a big boost.

    Giving some love to your longtimers

    Everyone who works in shelters or rescues knows pets who linger without snagging an adopter: the older Shih Tzu who needs medication; the shy mutt, one among many; the umpteenth black kitty who's overlooked in favor of flashier felines. They need extra help finding homes, and what's required is some good PR and a little creativity.

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  • Magazine Article

    Kids rock!

    Amber Ginter plays with shelter dog Lilac after giving her a bath at the Ross County Humane Society in Ohio.

    How the young and the restless can bring their energy to your shelter

    Does your shelter need an energy boost? By recruiting young people, you can acquire a volunteer force that’s brimming with energy and enthusiastic about helping animals.

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