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Julie Falconer

As senior editor of the award-winning Animal Sheltering magazine, Julie Falconer writes and edits articles for the sheltering, rescue and animal control fields. Before joining the staff of the Humane Society of the United States, Julie was a longtime volunteer with rescue and animal advocacy organizations in Central Virginia. She spends much of her free time assisting with trap-neuter-return programs for community cats.

Content by Julie Falconer

  • Magazine Article

    How far can fostering go?

    Apprentice trainee Sarah Brasky, founder of Foster Dogs, Inc., in New York City, takes Dakota for a stroll at the Pima Animal Care Center.

    A new vision for sheltering is trending—and being tested—around the country

    Recognizing that most animals do best in a home environment, shelters are testing the limits of high-volume foster care programs and teaching other shelters to ramp up their efforts to get more animals into foster homes. Could the future of sheltering be all around us?

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  • Magazine Article

    Nurturing the roots of TNR

    Facilitating TNR means removing the barriers that prevent laypeople from doing this important work.

    With a small investment, shelters can empower everyday people to tackle the community cat challenge

    If your shelter doesn’t have a trap-neuter-return program, you may think you have little to offer the people who call about unowned cats in their backyards and neighborhoods. But there are many ways shelters can facilitate today’s TNR and plant the seeds of tomorrow’s high-impact programs without spending a dime.

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  • Magazine Article

    Mother knows best

    Shelters spread a lifesaving message about underage kittens

    Susan Spaulding was living in Texas and volunteering at the Hill Country Animal League’s thrift store when someone brought in a box of 13 unweaned kittens. After learning that the kittens would be immediately euthanized at the shelter, Spaulding made a life changing decision: She took the kittens home and taught herself how to care for “bottle-babies.”

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