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M. Carrie Allan

M. Carrie Allan is the senior editorial director at The Humane Society of the United States, served as editor of Animal Sheltering magazine for nearly a decade, and has focused on telling the stories of the animal protection movement for even longer. She holds a master’s degree in English and writing and has won awards for her journalism, fiction and poetry, including recognition from the Dog Writer’s Association of American, the Cat Writer’s Association, the Association of Food Journalists, and the James Beard Foundation (where she was a finalist for the work she does in her side-gig, writing about booze and cocktails for the Washington Post). If you think there’s a connection between her longtime commitment to animal welfare work and her interest in a good drink . . . well, aren’t you the smart one?

Content by M. Carrie Allan

  • Magazine Article

    Saving the strays of Puerto Rico

    A major initiative promises to make the island a better place for animals

    The roadside stop near Bahía de Puerca is like dozens of others in Puerto Rico—a cluster of ceiba trees, a patch of gravel leading to an exquisite stretch of blue water. And, as with those other overgrown roadside areas around the island, what initially seems to be just dirt and trash and foliage turns out to be occupied.

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  • Magazine Article

    Acts of Providence

    At a community event in Providence, vet tech Kym Libucha comforts a local pooch getting a vaccination from veterinarian.

    Through the Pets for Life approach, a Rhode Island shelter brings warmth to the streets

    It was clear to executive director Carmine DiCenso that the Providence Animal Rescue League (PARL) had lost its way.

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  • Magazine Article

    Check yourself before you wreck yourself (and your work)

    Stephanie Shain of Washington Humane Society unburdens her soul to “analyst” Jason Schipkowski at a special session of Animal Care Expo in New Orleans.

    At 2015's Animal Care Expo, shelter directors went in for therapy—for a purpose

    Mama said there’ll be days like this, warned the Shirelles. And for those in animal welfare, those days can seem endless, settling in your gut to make a seething ball of anxiety and Bad Stuff, brought on by the abusers and neglecters who’ve made your work so difficult, so relentless and so necessary.

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