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Talia Butler

Talia Butler is the Division Director for Salt Lake County Animal Services. Through Talia’s leadership, Salt Lake County Animal Services has achieved a live release rate over 90% for the past 5 years. Talia excels at creating innovative programs that improve the lives of pets and citizens in Salt Lake County and across the state of Utah. She has over 18 years of experience managing programs, projects and personnel. Talia has presented at numerous national events and has provided leadership to local and national partners. She has also authored publications and industry guiding literature as an expert in animal welfare. Talia is FEMA R335 certified, animal evacuation and emergency trained, supervisory program certified, DEA licensed, EMT trained and formerly certified, and holds a BIS Degree from Weber State University. Talia resides in Riverton, Utah with her husband, two children, and two dogs.

Content by Talia Butler

  • Blog Post

    Turning sour to sweet

    What one animal control director learned from a 'bad' pet owner

    Terry was what some people would call a "bad" pet owner. Unsanitary conditions, and creating a public nuisance are just a couple of the calls that we’ve responded to at Terry's house over the past several years. And still, with all our efforts--our efforts being issuing fines and trying to enforce the law--Terry continued to be a constant burden to our agency, with complaint calls steadily coming in and the conditions for his pets never improving.

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