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Colleen Jaskot

Colleen Jaskot is a former staff writer for Animal Sheltering magazine at The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Prior to working for The HSUS, Colleen wrote for various newspapers and news wire services while getting a journalism degree from the University of Maryland.

Content by Colleen Jaskot

  • Magazine Article

    Play it safe

    Children at the Collierville Animal Services Humane Education Kids Camp in Tennessee learn the do’s and don’ts of getting acquainted with young pups.

    Shelter programs teach kids how to interact with dogs

    Shelters teach children how to safely interact with dogs.

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  • Magazine Article

    Seeds of support

    Nurturing relationships with major donors can help grow your organization

    Major gifts can boost your organization’s fundraising from so-so to stupendous, enabling you to greatly expand the reach of your lifesaving programs. But major donors aren’t going to drop out of the sky; you’ve got to grow them from the ground up. In this issue’s “Human Element” department, experts suggest ways to cultivate and sustain those relationships.

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  • Magazine Article

    Closing the door on the gas chamber

    Efforts to eliminate gas chambers nationwide have been largely successful, but the fight isn’t over

    We’re all working toward a world where no healthy, adoptable animal has to be euthanized, and statistics show we’re succeeding. But until we reach our goal, we owe shelter animals a compassionate end of life. Most outdated, inhumane euthanasia methods exist only in history books, but gas chambers are an exception. The HSUS is working to change that and, in collaboration with local advocates and organizations, has made great strides—but the chapter on gas chamber use isn’t closed yet.

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