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Increase Adoptions

While we work hard to drive people to adopt, the majority of pets still come from other sources. We’re giving shelters and rescue groups the tools they need to attract more pet adopters, find new audiences for pet adoptions and create successful adoption experiences. Through welcoming adopters, we aim to find every homeless pet a happy, healthy new home.

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Is a foster home really optimal to a shelter?

While there are animals who benefit from a foster home, could there be just as many benefits for an animal in a well-run animal shelter?

“I wish he/she could go to a foster home rather than a shelter.” I hear this often from fellow animal care professionals and volunteers in my work with nearly 300 shelters and rescues nationwide to place victims of cruelty and neglect from HSUS and HSI cases. While there are animals who certainly benefit from a foster home environment, I believe there are just as many benefits for an animal in a well-run animal shelter.

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  • Magazine Article

    Who wants to adopt a ‘Game of Thrones’ fan?

    Offbeat animal biographies humanize shelter pets

    According to the Facebook page of Young-Williams Animal Center in Knoxville, Tennessee, Bootsy is a popular middle school cheerleader who loves Taylor Swift and hates rap. She’s also a black-and-white cat. “This cat and I are the same person,” deadpans a commenter, tagging a friend.

    That’s the point, says marketing manager Courtney Kliman: The creative Facebook and Instagram posts are designed not only to grab people’s attention, but also to make people see themselves in the adoptable animals.

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  • Blog Post

    Transporting to the future

    Connecting places of opportunity with areas of need

    Ten years ago, in a small, tidy shelter in one of the poorest areas of Mississippi, that was one of the first questions I heard. I was in Mississippi working on a project to assess the severity of the overpopulation issue, helping develop effective spay/neuter messaging and provide hands-up help in training, networking and some funds working on a project launched in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

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  • Magazine Article

    Positive outlook

    Arizona shelter doesn’t let FIV stand in the way of a good home

    An Arizona facility markets its FIV-positive kitties.

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  • Magazine Article

    Can you hear me meow?

    Trade the silent treatment for rapid response

    So you started a small rescue, and people love your work! Your phone is ringing nonstop, you might have accidentally deleted a few voicemails, and your unread email count seems to multiply by the minute. Are you handling those calls and emails appropriately, or are you focusing on the animals ... and alienating the people who want to help save those animals? Here's how phone and email management techniques can take your rescue's customer service from zero to hero.

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  • Magazine Article

    Marketing joy

    Find instructions on how to build a collapsible kissing booth at

    Nonprofit offers creative campaign ideas and free marketing materials for shelters and rescues

    You likely already know the value of adoption promotions that get your community involved and inspired, but if your creative juices are running dry or you lack design skills, Picture Me @ Home is here to help.

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  • Magazine Article

    Women’s movement

    Caroline Earle White (front row, left) poses with other founding members of the Women’s Humane Society (WHS) in 1913. WHS continues its tradition of female leadership today.

    Philadelphia shelter blazed trails with all-female leadership

    Nearly 50 years before some women were granted the right to vote, 30 women spearheaded the Women’s Branch of the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals—and 150 years later, women still drive the animal welfare field.

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