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Increase Adoptions

While we work hard to drive people to adopt, the majority of pets still come from other sources. We’re giving shelters and rescue groups the tools they need to attract more pet adopters, find new audiences for pet adoptions and create successful adoption experiences. Through welcoming adopters, we aim to find every homeless pet a happy, healthy new home.

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Is a foster home really optimal to a shelter?

While there are animals who benefit from a foster home, could there be just as many benefits for an animal in a well-run animal shelter?

“I wish he/she could go to a foster home rather than a shelter.” I hear this often from fellow animal care professionals and volunteers in my work with nearly 300 shelters and rescues nationwide to place victims of cruelty and neglect from HSUS and HSI cases. While there are animals who certainly benefit from a foster home environment, I believe there are just as many benefits for an animal in a well-run animal shelter.

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    Making a change for the better

    All nine available dogs from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay were adopted in the first two hours of Super Pet’s grand reopening event in February.

    Pet store program helps boost adoptions and fight puppy mills

    “Whether the economy is good or bad,” says Randy Housley, the general manager of Polly’s Pet Shop in Universal City, Texas, “people seem to want puppies.” And San Antonio Animal Care Services draws from such a wide area that his store is rarely without them.

    Since August 2013, the shelter has been the store’s sole source for puppies. In fact, the store now adopts out about 150 puppies a year, more than it used to sell.

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  • Magazine Article

    A rose for Colton

    The ladies of Front Street Animal Shelter vie for handsome Colton’s affections.

    Sacramento shelter combines 'The Bachelor' parody with adoption promotion

    The catfight starts in the dog yard at Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California. Four women in high heels and bodycon dresses vie for the affections of Colton, a handsome hunk of a dog. As the competition escalates, there are tearful recriminations, backstabbing asides to the camera and an ugly confrontation over a leash.

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    Hospitality with a wag

    Front desk agent Janey Ladd adopted Marshall, Element Hotel’s first foster dog.

    At an Iowa hotel, you can check out anytime you like, but you may leave with a new best friend

    Element Hotel in West Des Moines, Iowa, prides itself on its relaxing vibe, open-flow guest rooms, sustainability initiatives and, perhaps most of all, its ability to find homes for shelter pups in record time.

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