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Adoption and transfer

Improve and increase adoptions—discover new adoption marketing ideas, best practices in transfer, inspirational stories of unlikely adoptions, resources to improve the adoption process and more.

  • Just the facts, ma’am … or maybe not!

    We are truly living in a remarkable age, when new studies and data on sheltering are shaping and confirming best practices seemingly every day. For the first time ever, we can truly set policies based on what we actually know, not what we think we know.

    But no matter how much science and evidence is produced to dispel a myth (like “black dogs are overlooked for adoption”) or support a new best practice (such as eliminating adoption barriers), our field is often slow to embrace new information and make change.

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  • Transporting to the future

    Ten years ago, in a small, tidy shelter in one of the poorest areas of Mississippi, that was one of the first questions I heard. I was in Mississippi working on a project to assess the severity of the overpopulation issue, helping develop effective spay/neuter messaging and provide hands-up help in training, networking and some funds working on a project launched in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

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  • Magazine Article

    A special kind of service

    Maggie May was adopted from Blue Mountain Humane Society.

    Nonprofit helps match veterans and service members with shelter animals

    Pets for Patriots matches veterans with overlooked shelter pets.

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  • Magazine Article

    No place like home

    Sundae (getting a hug here from Tatiana Garzon as Annie) didn’t take to playing Sandy on stage, but she took on the new role of family pet through Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary.

    In New Mexico, theater productions promote adoptable canines

    One of the best reasons to see a live performance of The Wizard of Oz or Annie is to experience the moment when a real dog trots on stage and leaps into the arms of Dorothy or Annie.

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  • Magazine Article

    Peace, love, dogs

    To benefit animals, Louisiana humane society taps that ’60s spirit

    Folks in Covington, Louisiana, are feeling groovy on a yearly basis at St. Tammany Humane Society’s Woofstock festival. The free, one-day event is a nearly 30-year tradition that’s grown to include roughly 2,000 attendees, almost 40 sponsors, dog and human hippie costume contests, a DJ, collectible Woofstock T-shirts, local food and celebrities, children’s entertainment, raffles and, of course, beer.

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