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Volunteer management

Volunteers are an essential part of nearly every animal protection organization. Well-run volunteer programs amplify our reach and increase our capacity to care for animals and the number of lives saved. Here, we offer managers of volunteers materials and resources to design and build the volunteer program that will best support the staff in meeting the organization’s mission, and provide them with opportunities for ongoing learning and professional development.

  • Apples and oranges

    Volunteers are vital to the work of many animal welfare organizations, but when you mix an emotionally charged workplace with people who may prefer animals to their own species, it’s no surprise that tensions arise. Forestall problems from derailing your organization’s mission—learn from experts in volunteer management how an organized approach (and a dash of psychology) can keep volunteers and staff working side by side in the name of animals.

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  • Worth the risk

    Got people lining up to volunteer for your organization? They’ll bring a ton of great assistance, but they may also present some liability risks. Fear not—they’re risks you can manage with the right approach.

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  • Training/Event

    Humane Kansas shelter/rescue tour

    kittens in a shelter

    Training for for shelter, rescue, volunteers and personnel on compassion fatigue and working with volunteers

    The Humane State Program is excited to present a free week of training opportunities for shelter, rescue, volunteers, and personnel on compassion fatigue and working with volunteers. Lunch and coffee will be provided and prizes will be raffled. Join us!

    For Kansas updates, visit the HSUS Kansas Facebook page.

    Earn continuing education credits

    We have applied for 7 Certified Animal Welfare Administrator continuing education credits.

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  • Blog Post

    Sharing your animal welfare expertise after retirement

    Goodbye to full-time work doesn’t mean you’re finished contributing

    Retirees from the animal welfare field have a lot to offer and shouldn’t quietly fade away—that would be such a loss to our cause!

    After 45 years of employment in animal welfare, the time finally came for me to retire from active duty. I spent the last 32 years as the executive director of the Humane Society of Carroll County, Maryland, handling animal care and control for our county. I was fortunate to have lasted that long, given the emotional toll this work takes on the heart, family and occasionally, friendships.

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  • Magazine Article

    We love volunteers

    Download this Shareworthy to encourage people to volunteer their time and talents to your lifesaving work

    Download this Shareworthy to encourage people to volunteer their time and talents to your lifesaving work.

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