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Volunteer management

Volunteers are an essential part of nearly every animal protection organization. Well-run volunteer programs amplify our reach and increase our capacity to care for animals and the number of lives saved. Here, we offer managers of volunteers materials and resources to design and build the volunteer program that will best support the staff in meeting the organization’s mission, and provide them with opportunities for ongoing learning and professional development.

  • Apples and oranges

    Volunteers are vital to the work of many animal welfare organizations, but when you mix an emotionally charged workplace with people who may prefer animals to their own species, it’s no surprise that tensions arise. Forestall problems from derailing your organization’s mission—learn from experts in volunteer management how an organized approach (and a dash of psychology) can keep volunteers and staff working side by side in the name of animals.

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  • Worth the risk

    Got people lining up to volunteer for your organization? They’ll bring a ton of great assistance, but they may also present some liability risks. Fear not—they’re risks you can manage with the right approach.

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  • Magazine Article

    Tour of duty

    Service members are a force for good at Virginia shelter

    Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia’s Hampton Roads region is the country’s largest naval installation, and it’s common to see young service members in the lobby of the Norfolk SPCA. Many are there to adopt or to bring their pets to the shelter’s veterinary clinic; others come to volunteer their time to help homeless animals.

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  • Magazine Article

    Can you hear me meow?

    Trade the silent treatment for rapid response

    So you started a small rescue, and people love your work! Your phone is ringing nonstop, you might have accidentally deleted a few voicemails, and your unread email count seems to multiply by the minute. Are you handling those calls and emails appropriately, or are you focusing on the animals ... and alienating the people who want to help save those animals? Here's how phone and email management techniques can take your rescue's customer service from zero to hero.

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  • Magazine Article

    How to get the most out of Animal Care Expo

    So does Sherbet.

    The senior director of volunteer engagement for The HSUS shares her best tips for effective networking at conferences

    Full disclosure: I hate networking. I’m not on LinkedIn, I loathe going into a room where I don’t really know someone and having to strike up a conversation (it’s so much like college: “What’s your major?”) and if “networking” is in the title of an event, I usually skip it. I know there are a million articles explaining both why networking is important and how to do it, but this is just how I am. I can’t help it.

    So, imagine my surprise when my colleague asked me to write a blog about it!

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