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Question: I'm messaging because as we may see animals being surrendered from infected homes: do we consider the animal a fomite? Is there a recommendation to bathe these animals or use PPE (which may be limited) when handling?

Answer from Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association’s Dr. Gail Hansen:

At this time there is no reason to do anything different than you would otherwise do (the Hong Kong dog "case" notwithstanding). There is no evidence that dogs or other pets can contract or spread COVID-19 (According to CDC, OIE, AVMA, WHO, WVA).
Bathing the animal is probably a good idea, but the act of bathing is what will be most useful, using an antibacterial soap is not. Think of it as similar to washing your hands after being in contact with a potentially contaminated surface. It is the mechanical action, not the soap that does the bulk of the good work.
The virus can persist on surfaces, so disinfecting surfaces is a good idea.

Question from Shelter Consultant in NY: I'm assuming that Rescue, the anti viral cleaning solution we use in our kennels, will kill the Corona Virus. As surface disinfectants are getting more difficult to find I am hoping we can use Rescue on door handles, surfaces, etc. Please advise.

Response from Wisconsin Humane:

You can use Rescue on other surfaces – they make Accel wipes for example that we use in our foster room on all surfaces.

Response from Dr. Julie Levy, University of Florida Shelter Medicine Program:

Accelerated hydrogen peroxide (e.g. Virox/Rescue) is EPA-approved for SARS-CoV-2. The company is on double-time production and shipping product world-wide, including for cruise ships.

From Virox:

Below is the info we send to anyone who inquires (and this happens very frequently) about Rescue for Coronavirus. We also have this knowledge base blog that we can send out as well.
Yes, when using Rescue™ Disinfectants we do expect efficacy against coronavirus disease.
The coronavirus (COVID-19) is an enveloped virus, meaning that it is relatively easy to kill. Rescue™ Ready-to-Use Liquid and Wipes should be used with a 1-minute contact time. Rescue Concentrate should be used with a 5-minute contact time and a 1:64 dilution.
In cases of emerging viral pathogens such as COVID-19, the EPA implements the Emerging Viral Pathogens Guidance for Antimicrobial Products. In the case of enveloped viruses such as COVID-19, hospital or broad-spectrum disinfectants (including Rescue™) can be used in accordance with the directions for use against Poliovirus type 1 on hard, non-porous surfaces. Therefore, Rescue™ Wipes, Ready-to-Use Liquid, and Concentrate can be used against COVID-19 when used in accordance with the directions for use.
View the Rescue™ Disinfectant safety data sheet

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