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We couldn't ask for more than the unconditional love and loyalty we get from dogs. Use our resources to help you do your very best for man's best friend while they are in your care.

Photo by Kathi Milani/The HSUS

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  • Magazine Article

    A tale of ordinary to extraordinary

    Danny and Ron’s Rescue cares for as many as 100 dogs at one time in a sprawling, ranch-style house on their farm.

    This pair rescued a few dogs and went on to help more than 1,000

    Filmmaker Ron Davis describes the inspiration for Life in the Doghouse, a heartwarming documentary of love and rescue.

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  • Magazine Article

    Victor’s victories

    After being rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm, Victor had to learn how to be a dog again.

    South Korean dog meat farm rescue finds new life in New England

    Rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm, Victor adjusts to life in a Maine shelter and—finally!—to a new home

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    Operation Hero-Animal Bond Shelter/Rescue Participation

    Veteran with cat

    If you are a shelter or rescue looking to adopt pets through Operation Hero-Animal Bond, please complete the form below.

    Thank you for your interest in Operation Hero-Animal Bond! We have launched with shelter partners in Virginia and Washington, D.C. If you are a shelter or rescue that is interested in partnering with us, please complete the form below.

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