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Animal Care Expo handouts

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Future of Animal Welfare Breakfast

The Future of Animal Welfare: Celebrating the bond between people and pets
Roger Haston, PhD, PetSmart Charities

The Human Animal Bond
Steven Feldman, Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI)


Engaging volunteers

Too big to fail: Tackle a seemingly overwhelming volunteer program—and rock it!

Sustainable structures: Helping your volunteer program grow

Volunteering to go nuts? Utilize technology to keep your sanity

Why to say YES to creative volunteer roles

Make new friends and keep the old: Do less recruiting, more retaining

Regional coalition-building: Creating strong programs together

Saving the orphans with volunteers

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Expanding our reach

Way beyond tofu: Delicious, mission-consistent food for animal-friendly events

Keeping them home: A new and innovative alternative to owner surrender

Can we "de-silo" animal welfare?

Keeping it all in the foster family

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Field services

Wind and water: Lessons learned from disaster response

Breaking the sickest link: Conducting effective bestiality investigations

Puppy mills: From complaint to court

The moving toolbox: Best practices in vehicles and equipment

Asking the right questions: Conducting interviews and interrogations

Improving law enforcement encounters with dogs

Effective courtroom testimony

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Fundraising and marketing

Beyond bad guys: Maximizing your fundraising efforts with positive messaging

The power of stories: Working with the media to achieve your mission

Serve where you save: Community-driven programming that saves lives

Fundraising for your municipal shelter? YES!

Marketing for dummies (on a tight budget)

Crafting your story: Honest, simple and powerful

Grant writing 101

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Future of sheltering

Up your ante—Leading-edge technologies to raise your game

Sprinkling cats and dogs: Our progress in lowering euthanasia numbers—and what it means for our industry’s future

Design strategies for shelter renovations: Retrofitting for the future

Don’t let the tail wag the dog: Bringing your supporters along in times of change

Transporting to the future

Making the right connections: Best practices in collaboration

A practical guide to rehoming “difficult to place" animals

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Global animal issues

The foundation to protecting animals: legislation

Lobbying around the world

The wonderful dog: Shifting global perceptions on “man’s best friends”

Starting from zero: From grass-roots to leveraging international support and solidarity

Staying focused to your mission

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Veterans and pets, perfect together: engaging veterans with the human-animal bond

Balancing act: Leading in an XY world

What would Winnie the Pooh do? “Beary” good people skills to resolve conflicts with the most difficult animal

There’s no “I” in team: Why management mentorship matters

Progressive programming to cure compassion fatigue

Finding the signal in the noise: Using the right data to save more lives

Give ‘em a ride: Best practices for transport of companion animals

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Learning Labs

A workflow management boot camp: Expanding the shelter leader's capacity for care

Changing human behavior to advance animal welfare

Get ready to raise the woof: Shelter planning and design

Holistic approach to community and shelter assessments

Managing community cats: How to fix 300 cats in a weekend

Volunteer programs: The struggle is real

Who needs data anyway?

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Reaching underserved communities

Tools for starting a community outreach program

Seeing past the horizon: What’s next in companion animal welfare?

That awkward moment: Dealing with unexpected situations in community outreach

Hard choices: Delivering compassionate community-focused medicine

Why access to animal care resources is a social justice issue

Breaking boundaries: Municipal shelters and community outreach

What you don’t know might help you: Broaden your research horizons

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Saving cats

Targeted TNR: It's all about impact

Creating a successful 'working cat' program

What can a catio do for you?

Balancing customer care with capacity for care: Mastering the art of "Yes, and ..."

TNR case studies: Using real life examples to find key insights and best practices

Kitten kindergarten: Mission-driven, kitten-approved

Crossing the challenge line: Innovation and mojo-based thinking to save more lives

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Shelter medicine

Capacity for care: Yes we can! (Part 1 of 2)

Capacity for care: Yes we can! (Part 2 of 2)

Why outbreaks happen: Shelter medicine fundamentals to prevent disease

Become a wizard of wellness, Find the magic to minimizing disease outbreak

Dog relocation: Taking the express train

Finding an umbrella when it's raining cats and dogs

Road construction: Building and evaluating pathways to save lives

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